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Website SEO & Online Marketing Resolutions 2015

SEO Resolutions That You Must Make For 2015

If a successful web presence is what you seek in the following year, then you need to spend some time and energy on your SEO. Have you devised some new SEO strategies to work in 2015? Have you set some SEO resolutions for the year? If not, then you can still do that. Like other New Year resolutions, it is crucial to adopt some resolutions for your SEO too so that your website perform well throughout the year. Here are some resolutions that you as a website owner or a marketer must make in 2015.

Contribute At Least a Blog Every Week

Good quality content is the backbone of any website. To make your website rank high and attract more visitors, you need to actively produce content and have an upper edge over your competitors. Like every page on your website, your each blog post should rank in SERPs. By using different key words in each blog, you can target a variety of visitors and reach a broader audience. By linking and sharing updates on different websites, you can divert the traffic to your website over the time and build a significant authority. Although it is not possible to convert your website into a content marketing machine; however, by contributing a blog post every week you can start promoting your website. So this year, commit yourself to write or add at least a blog per week to your site.

Be More Socially Involved and Active

Merely writing content will not help you this year. As more and more people are hooked to social media, you need to promote your link on your social networks. Although social signals cannot totally replace the traditional links; however, they are an important SEO tools that will help you popularize your website among your potential clients. This is a cheap and the best way to reach your audience and remain in their sight. You can also promote other people’s content or any informative articles that can get the traffic to your site. Once you are on social network share ideas and opinions and get involved. Do not be afraid of asking questions and answering queries. Initiate interesting talks and involve some industry leaders. By being active, you will build up your brand and make your website more authoritative.

Earn Quality Links

With the changing Google policies and latest updates in Penguin, it is clear that quick and easy links will not solve any purpose any more. The junk links harm a website more than benefiting it. Penguin is constantly looking for websites that spam and use black hat tactics to build unnatural links. They not only block such websites, but also impose manual or algorithmic penalty. Make sure that you are not giving Google any reason to doubt the integrity of your SEO program. In 2015, focus on earning quality links by adding genuine and original content that people can link to get involved in your industry. Create new partnerships and sponsor some events. This will help you earn some quality links to drive the traffic to your website.

Stay Informed About the Latest in SEO

You need not be an expert in SEO; however, being in the field, you need to keep yourself abreast of all the latest changes in the field. Technology is changing fast and to remain up front, you need to be aware of the latest updates. Stay connected with a top-notch SEO site such as Webinod to learn about the latest in the field and in what ways these changes will affect your personal SEO objectives. Keeping in touch with the latest information will help you reap more benefits in future.